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picture of Salvatodora painting
Saltadora. 70x100 cm. Acrilico tela. 2015. 6800 € + IVA

picture of Autopsia Ramón y Cajal
Autopsia Ramón y Cajal. 200x350 cm. Acrilico tela. 2014.

painting of patinadores
Patinadores. 46x61 cm. Acrilico tela. 2015.

Santiago Ydáñez


La New Gallery
Carranza, 6 28004 Madrid, Spain

10th of September 2015

“Yesterday’s world” is one of the most moving and attractive testimonies about our recent past, it was wrote by Stefan Zweig’s master hand, a European soaked in civilization and nostalgia for a world, his own, which disintegrated rapidly.

Exceptional witness of the changes that convulsed the 20th century’s Europe between the two world wars. Fundamental moments on his life, under personal circumstances of exceptional drama, developed parallel to the dismemberment of that Central Europe that seek to be safer and freer, but was sheltered under craziness and storm. It’s an inexcusable reference to understand the ravings of a devastating century.

To this Europe the preceded World War I and where he grew up, Stefan Zweig defined it as “the safety gold age”, a time that was soon missed and swallowed for all that we already know.

About how that “yesterday’s world disappeared" is what “The Bear and the Oak” is about, Santiago Ydáñez’s second solo exhibition at La New Gallery. Images from this lost German paradise, racial and bucolic, that really tries to be the story of the civilization’s defeat, and how culture succumbed to instincts.

Exhibition Facts

Exhibition Dates: opening 10th of September 2015
Location: La New Gallery Carranza, 6 28004 Madrid, Spain
Website: www.lanewgallery.com