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picture of Jane Lee, Melt II, 2016, acrylic paint, heavy gel on fiberglass
Jane Lee, Melt II, 2016, acrylic paint, heavy gel on fiberglass, 70.9 x 59.45 x 3.2 inches/180 x 151 x 8 cm

Jane Lee


Sundaram Tagore

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017

March 2017

Sundaram Tagore Gallery will present a selection of new work by noted Singapore artist Jane Lee at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017. This presentation comprises a curated mix of paintings and installations produced exclusively for the fair.

The work in this presentation builds on Lee’s interest in examining and reworking the structural elements of a painting. She investigates the material deconstruction of paint—scooping and gouging the surface texture of thickly caked paint to reveal the heart of the artwork, leaving behind colorful swirling holes and chasms across a previously smooth and unblemished façade. Lee utilizes new textures, colors and dimensional scale never before explored within this aesthetic. Read more

picture of artwork
Dream 120, 2016, acrylic on wood, 13 x 13 cm

Safwan Dahoul


Ayyam Gallery Dubai

9 January - 4 March 2017

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (12, Alserkal Avenue) is pleased to present Miniatures, the solo exhibition of Dubai-based painter Safwan Dahoul.

Highlighting a new body of work by the seminal artist, Miniatures offers a look into Dahoul’s ongoing investigation of the principles of painting, specifically how formal elements can be used to shape the affective nature of an image. In his recent paintings, Dahoul experiments with the visual impact of scale and the challenge of shrinking monumental compositions to canvases that are the width of one’s hand. The resulting works continue his Dream series (1987-present), and treat its recurring subject matter with exacting detail despite spatial limitations. True to form, Dahoul’s miniatures carry the same psychological weight that is found in his previous works. Read more

Asad Faulwell. Les Femmes D'Alger #72. 2016. Acrylic, pins and photo collage on canvas. 152 x 122 x 5 cm. Courtesy Lawrie Shabibi and the artist

Asad Faulwell

'In the Heart of the Cosmos'

Lawrie Shabibi

9 January - 4 February 2017

Lawrie Shabibi is pleased to present In the Heart of the Cosmos, Asad Faulwell’s second solo exhibition at the gallery featuring new works that expand the artist’s celebrated ongoing series Les Femmes d'Alger. The series seeks to shed light on the Algerian women freedom fighters who fought alongside the men as equals during the 1954-1966 Algerian war for independence from French occupation and their largely forgotten legacy.

The title of the exhibition references Black Skins, White Masks the 1952 book by philosopher Franz Fanon whose works explore colonialism, violent opposition, and its lingering phycological implications. Drawing inspiration from Fanon’s writings and Gillo Pontecorvos’s 1966 film The Battle of Algiers, the artist illustrates the women as both saints and villains, aggressors and victims, captured and brutally tormented by their French adversaries and alienated by their Algerian male counterparts who recruited the women with no intention of recognizing their contribution or empowering them after the war ended. Read more