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picture of hiroko's ZA artwork
"Za 2011"
Stainless steel, safety pins, iron frame
picture of hiroko's catch a mountain 2012 artwork
"Catch a Mountain 2012
Stainless steel, safety pins, iron frame



"Material, shape, dimension, structure… they all express my philosophy, they all comprise my philosophy… Things that I want to express wonder around my head. Finally, they materialize as something solid after I decide how they should be expressed. The time comes, and I may see a solid figure that has not only the shape but also material and dimension. I use mixed media, but mainly metal for my work. And also, each work has suitable technique for the image. I aim at making my work by my hand, try not to use machine as much as possible, because I want to show how a person's mind works."


2015 - Scope NY, USA

2014 - “December Exhibition” Gallery G-77, Kyoto, Japan

2014 - Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2014 - “Entre Deux Chaises, Un Livre”, Private collection of Galila Barzilai-Holander, Villa Empain

2014 - Solo Exhibition, Yuki-SiS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014 - Scope Art Fair NY, USA

2014 - LA Art Show, USA

2013 - LA Art Show, USA

2013 - Scope Art Fair, NY, USA

2013 - Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2013 - Art Hamptons, USA

2013 - Art Southampton, NY, USA


2011 February Art’s Challenge 2012 “Second Winning Prize", Aichi Arts Centre, Nagoya, Japan

2011 Frank Muller Art Grand Prix, Winning prize, Japan

2011 The 50th "ART-NOW" Art exhibition, Winning prize, Kanazawa, Japan

2010 Japan Jewellery Art Competition, Winning prize, Japan

2009 The 27th ASAHI Modern Craft Exhibition, Second Prize, Japan

2009 The 48th “ART-NOW”, Hokuriku Chunichi Art Exhibition, Winning Prize, Kanazawa, Japan

2005 Nation School Festival, Winning Prize, Japan

picture of hiroko's sunflower artwork
"Sunflower Yale"
picture of hiroko's From Strain to Success
"From Strain to Success 2012"
Stainless steel, safety pins.