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Ermina Avramidou

Greek artist Ermina Avramidou likens her color-filled and dramatically lit abstract paintings to obscure maps, and certainly their crisscrossing lines and dripped dots do suggest mysterious landscapes. While they evoke Abstract Expressionist compositions, their tangled forms and isolated pockets of rich colors carefully structured around thick, vertical bands also suggest overgrown jungles or disjointed nets and grids. Weaves of ink lines and acrylic tones — which often also include transparencies and collages — allow the artist to manipulate sensations of depth, perspective and texture, with varying layers and lines slipping into knots and dots in a playful ballet of hue and form that keeps the viewer’s eyes busily alert without ever becoming overwhelming.

Avramidou says of her work that she tries to conjure "the motions and emotions of someone who tries to find a destination point in an endless labyrinth." Her paintings encourage active exploration, rewarding patient and thorough viewers with previously unnoticed areas of color and patterns that emerge slowly from the captivating weave of lines.

Ermina’s work makes manifest a point of convergence between two entangled networks, that of internal cognition and that of webs alluding to natural ecosystems. Her boldness in the use of colour and the sense of movement captured on canvas, illustrate the energies of the thinking process, creating patterns that are reminiscent of neurons firing up a human brain.

At the same time, her iridescent nets reference environments remote to human experience, such as canopies of tropical forests or coral reefs, hidden worlds existing beyond our knowledge. The constant interplay between what is present and what might be, what surfaces and what resides in the shadow, what is now and what has come before, what is alive, dying or decomposing, keeps the viewer an active co-constructor of Ermina’s work, drawing us into an investigation of possible forms and formulations: exotic birds, reflections on water, branches in the wind, shoals of fish, rock formations may emerge if we will them to. Ermina conjures recognisable structures out of abstraction and with seamless facility allows them to dissolve back into an enchanted whole.

About the artist

Ermina was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and now lives and works in London.


1985-1988 : Papioti School, Thessaloniki Studied painting and drawing
1988-1991 ;School for Applied Arts, Thessaloniki Studied free-hand and line drawing
1991 -1992 : Beaux Arts Institute, Thessaloniki Studied visual arts next to Professor Ksenis Sahinis
1992-1996 : College of Applied Arts, Thessaloniki Graduated with a degree in Interior design


Cactus Gallery, London-Solo Exhibition, 1-22 December 2016
Royal Acadeny of Arts - London - 08 June 2015 - 16 August 2015
Elements Gabriel Fine Arts 23 May 2015 - 28 June 2015
Metamorphosis Gallery, Thessaloniki - Solo Exhibition, May - June 2014
Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki - Group Exhibition, June 2014
Agora Gallery, New York - Group Exhibition, April 2013 – Present
Metamorphosis Gallery, Thessaloniki - First Solo Exhibition, June - July 2011
Skopje - Group Exhibition, September - October 2011
Awards and distinctions
Royal Acadeny of Arts - London - Summer exhibition 2015
Art Takes Maimi, 2011 - International Art Competition Ermina Avramidou selected as one of the 200 best artists from several thousand entries.Awarded with special edition publication

picture of artwork
picture of artwork
picture of artwork