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picture of  Rosalind Bieber
Rosalind Bieber

Rosalind Bieber

"The huge talent of a wide ranging artist "

Early in the life of Rosalind Bieber it was evident that here was a musician of outstanding powers and exceptional talent. Unexpectedly she was forced to put aside her performing career due to injury.

With encouragement from the late Sir Hugh Casson,art school followed with 4 years at the City & Guilds of London Art School. Bieber achieved and excelled and by the second year she had already won a British council award.

Bieber’s work since that time has explored a wide range of subject matter and of materials. Passionate about drawing her work is both serious as well as often humorous.

Her work covers everything from Adam and Eve, the Natural world, Sport , Evolution , People / Everyday life. through to the Downfall of the Bankers. Responses can be a spontaneous chuckle or sense of wonderment and continuous use of different substances is further evidence of an innate playfulness.

Examples of this ever developing search for new means of expression are her exploration of the creative uses of the computer in the 1990’s ,and her Natural World images,a celebration of life and all living creatures, all revealing a delight in different techniques . The Heads Series shows her absorption with both the human form and the human character. An exposure to toxic chemicals led onto the use of natural substances, inspiring a poignant series entitled "The poetry of every day" in which one finds her empathy for the human condition. The connection to animal life and it’s instinctual drive has always been a source of fascination.

Written by Pedro Felner Da Costa

picture of  Elephant,2008 Mono Print and Mixed Media on card
Elephant 2008
Mono Print and Mixed Media on card, 24 x 18”.
Courtesy of Rosalind Bieber

picture of  artwork
Dancing Dogs 2010.
Tissue Paper, Acrylic on cardboard 18 x 12”.
Courtesy of Rosalind Bieber