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picture of om kalthoom Prayer of the Soul artwork
"Prayer of the Soul"
SIZE: 90 cm x 70 cm MEDIA: Mixed media on canvas


Since then Al-Alawi has gone on to win an array of awards as well as having work exhibited in her native Saudi Arabia. The mediums utilised in her work vary drastically, but most notably she uses acrylic paint and mixed media for her two dimensional pieces and paper for her sculptures.

Al-Alawi inspiration is found in simple human form but more in what the form and its movement symbolizes. Her two dimensional work shows an adoration and celebration of human fancy and instantly demands numerous repeat viewings.

Om Kalthoom Al-Alawi‘s use of mediums varies drastically. From acrylic to paper, she seems to find inspiration in the simple human form and what its movement symbolises.

The more abstract of her compositions may look like myriads of incidental colours to a casual passer-by but upon closer inspection you’re able to pick out hints of human familiarity. The figures used through Al-Alawi’s works have all an unmistakable fragility, making them the perfect reflection of human life and something that the artist herself will no doubt become known for in years to come.

But, it’s when these silhouettes are translated through the two dimensional mediums of paint and mixed media that something truly special happens. Through pieces like No Sitting Down After Today and Prayer Of The Soul, Al-Alawi blends a stark of bluntness with a colourful saturation to create images of true depth which show, quite candidly, her views on religion and it’s role within the society she has grown up with.

As a proven adept of both two and three dimensional mediums Om Kalthoom Al-Alawi is undoubtedly a talent with an excitingly unpredictable body of work under her belt which is set to grow beautifully in the years to come.

Source taken from: Lahd Gallery

picture of om kalthoom No Sitting Down After Today
"No Sitting Down After Today"
SIZE: 90 cm x 70 cm MEDIA: Mixed media on canvas