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picture of Abdelbaki's speech artwork
Size: 90 x 120 cm Media:Acrylic on canvas

picture of of Abdelbaki's double kiss artwork
"Double Kiss"
MEDIA: Acrylic on canvas SIZE: 30 x 30 cm


Being an organised and methodical artist, Abdelbaki keeps his studio as neat and ordered as possible. He detests chaos and finds it very cathartic to clean and completely reorganise his studio once he has completed a creation. This methodical aspect of his character is reflected in the clean unified colours of his backgrounds throughout his paintings, the focus is almost always on its main components and their emotions.

Abdelbaki’s inspiration comes from many different aspects of life, as well as the world around him, but the main theme flowing throughout this collection appears to be that of Adam and Eve. He focuses on their complex relationship, and takes inspiration from the many problems they had to face and overcome in life. The artist is particularly interested in the yin-yang partnership between Adam and Eve, where their understanding of themselves is reliant on an understanding of each other.

Abdelbaki is affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria and admits on not being able to easily isolate himself from the war and accept his lack of control on the disorder and calamities. He is a multi-medium artist specialising in ‎painting, etching‬, ‎engraving‬, digital Art, installation and video. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus University, in 2007, with a Bachelor’s degree in printmaking techniques.

Since graduating, he has been featured in several exhibitions in Lebanon and Syria and his talent has been widely acclaimed.

Source taken from: Lahd Gallery

picture of Abdelbaki's wedding night artwork
"Wedding Night"
MEDIA: Acrylic on canvas SIZE: 125 x 200 cm
picture of Abdelbaki's eve aged artwork
"Eve Aged"
MEDIA: Acrylic on canvas SIZE: 40 x 45 cm